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Strategy Lab und Design Studio

design feeling

For us, the design of projects is more than design thinking – it is design feeling. People’s emotions are not only at the center of our work; they are the starting point of our design solutions. With them, we develop solutions for a more humane, natural, and sustainable living environment. Four guiding motifs define our design feeling cycle:

be empathetic. We ask ourselves at every beginning how it should feel in the end. We explore sensations and behaviours and condense them into a unique feeling.

be narrative. Our design emerges from meaningful narratives. Through them, we translate people’s feelings into words, images, and actions, embodying them in a design-ideal.

be collaborative. Our design collaborates with people. With their natural sensations and emotions, we gradually concretise future brands, products, packagings, spaces, services, and icons.

be sustainable. Our design connects with people and the nature of our planet on the long term. It conveys a positive and sustainable feeling of life and affects the entire usage and life cycle.



Research / Exploration
Workshop / User Labs
Design Thinking / Future Thinking
Strategy Development
Innovation Management
Transformation Management


2D + 3D Design
Brand Identity / Brand Design
Corporate Identity / Corporate Design
Brand Spaces
Product Design
Packaging Design
Service Design
Logo / Icon Design
Modular Design
Modelling / Prototyping


Manufacturing Strategy
Manufacturer Screening
Manufacturing Consulting
IP Consulting
Lifecycle Audit

We design brands, products, packaging, spaces, services, and signs that appear self-evident and natural as if they have always been there.

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For questions or detailed information on projects, our expertise or our working methods, we are always happy to help. We are always open for a visit to our studio and enjoy getting to know new people and perspectives.

We create our designs in our studios, our hall, our workshops and our pontoon on the Elbe. We often develop projects holistically over months or even years, from ideation to rollout supervision. For example, when completely new architectures are built in 1:1 models in our lab. Always in close collaboration with future users, our clients and future production partners. Our hall is also an ideal place for workshops and user experience research. Here we build new ideas directly around us, so to speak, in order to make them instantly tangible and experienceable.

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