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Circular living

The path is the goal

As a strategy lab and design studio, our expertise ranges from the initial idea to supervising production. Depending on the project and phase, we create trademarks, packaging mock-ups or complete life-size buildings in the lab – always conserving resources and aiming for maximum efficiency.

The conditions for sustainable work in every step of the process are ideal in our heritage-protected facilities. Even the move in was characterized by sustainability. Instead of a completely independent spatial concept, we designed a symbiosis of innovative creative studio and 1960s marketplace that created an inspiring and relaxed atmosphere with minimal financial and material investment. We designed the majority of our furniture ourselves and manufactured it on site.

The 46 skylight domes in the building wing provide us with plenty of daylight all year round, meaning that electricity consumption for lighting is very low. Our large laboratory in particular benefits from this, where we bring projects to life – from furniture and the interior of a petrol station to the architecture of an entire building. (as with tegut…teo)

Sustainability Lab – we are on the path

Materials that can be processed quickly, are recycled and easy to recycle are the key to an efficient and sustainable process in the laboratory. Our participatory process constantly generates valuable insights that are not always predictable. That’s why we rely on wood and cardboard, two materials that we can process quickly in our workshops.

Once a milestone has been reached or a project has been completed, the models are recycled or recycled internally in follow-up projects. Any leftover models and materials are either sent to local secondary recyclers (e.g. Hanseatische Materialverwaltung) #reuse, are sorted and returned to our storage unit or added to the large raw material cycle via containers.

tegut… teo model out of wood and cardboard


Office-Life – the sum of small parts

Not only do we separate and recycle materials in the lab, we are also mindful in the rest of the studio and reduce consumption, from electricity to printer paper. Small changes, multiplied by a large number of people living them, make a big impact! We implement these small changes in our everyday lives by cooking our own meals at lunchtime (saves take-away packaging and delivery trips), not using single-use cutlery (not even for sushi) and filtering and drinking water from the tap (saves delivery routes for crates of bottles). We receive our coffee from the producer in large transport containers, which are returned empty to the roastery.

It won’t be one big, perfect idea that will make humanity use fewer resources, but it will take many people who reduce their ecological footprint by a small amount every day. So we too are doing our best not to reduce our efforts in the office.