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Our design for spaces, products, services, brands, and icons revolves around a constant exchange with our environment. We believe that only those who understand what people feel and why they feel it will be able to create a more humane, natural, and sustainable living environment.

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Circular Economy

The most sustainable fish crate in the world

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Award-winning local supply: Small, Smart, Simple, Social, Sustainable.

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Hamburgs secret trademark

Lasting (sustainable) love

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SCOPE Furniture of the year 2022

Agile furniture system for creative collaboration

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Circular Logistics

Multi-brand-reusable-crate system

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Exemplary circularity


New Work Interior Design

Office architecture designed to last

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Feeling transfer

tegut…teo moves in

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1001 Gewürze brand relaunch

The color of spices

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Smart Learning Companion

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Axunio packaging system

Making the niche visible

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Hansaplast brand relaunch

You get what you see –and feel.

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Digital Art Museum

Mono-Space for Multi-Space

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Future Hamburg

The anchor arrow as a sign of the future

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Spaces for hybrid teamwork

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dfhn HOMO Chair

HOMO Chair

About people and sustainability

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New image for FRANK

Life at the center

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New FRANK Quarters

Organic togetherness

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Transformation FRANK

A lab for the future

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The future of urban supply

The green heart of the city

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Rethinking a gas station

Natural flow for a mobility platform

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Urban Sports Lab

Movement starts in the mind

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Container Dock Projekt – Update

Plug & Help

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