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Nivea Men Creme

Exemplary circularity

The Nivea Men cream tin from the largest international men’s skincare range is designed in an exemplary circular way. With its stability and lockability, it is not only the ideal daily care companion but also a reuse classic.

Following the creation of the international NIVEA MEN design language with the new, round logo, we have given the world-famous blue NIVEA tin a counterpart for men’s care.

Together with the R&D department of the Beiersdorf AG, we developed a care tool specifically for men in the best NIVEA design tradition. The iconic NIVEA MEN CREME is the direct translation of the brand logo, the characteristic NIVEA MEN start button.

With its short-threaded screw cap and non-slip bead profile, it feels good in the hand, is stackable thanks to the embossed lid and debossed base, and is a striking, masculine tool for intuitive and consistent face, body, and hand care for men.

The new aluminum tin is a safe packaging for the moisturizer and an ideal second-life container after use – for everything men need to keep.