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Mono-Space for Multi-Space

Digital Art Museum

The teamLabBorderless exhibition “Digital Art Museum”, which can currently be visited in Tokyo, will open its doors in Hamburg in 2024. Under the motto “Touch. Be touched”, we developed an identity that gives the experience a dynamic framework for communication and transfers the digital DNA into a recognition value.

In an age of almost unlimited digital possibilities, the teamLabBorderless exhibition (Digital Art Museum) creates a digitally designed art experience that transports viewers into incredible spaces. Visitors can delve into immersive worlds of colour and motifs by moving freely through the space, touching and participating in works of art. Animations and videos, light and sound, bring the works to life and blur the boundaries between the familiar and an unreal and impressive world.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clarke

The code – the basis of the experience

A livened space for movement needs fixed parameters, a code, to create the framework for an uber-digital experience. Our grid system playfully structures information and gives the brand the same basis as digital art.

At the heart of the concept is the “Source Code” font, which embodies the digital DNA as a monospace programming font. Monospace means that each letter gets the same width in the text. Therefore, letters and words can be easily arranged in the slash grid. Thus, our design goes beyond the logo and identity and forms a basis, a DNA, with which surfaces can be used to communicate content.

The square logo emerges from the grid as the core of the newly created identity. The grid also determines the design of business cards, stationery, sponsorship contracts, and folding posters.

One of the challenges of new experiences of this kind is sponsorship. The casualness of the brand and the impressive experience of the exhibition had to be conveyed. We developed the strategy and the necessary material, such as the folding poster, to inspire people even at a distance.

Styleguide – the characteristics of the brand

Especially when developing a new brand it is essential to formulate the foundation of the identity, the characteristics and guidelines, so that the appearance is clearly defined and the recognition value remains high in the future. For guidelines, we always consider applications that may not yet be relevant at the time of development, e.g. a PowerPoint template.