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Hansaplast brand relaunch

You get what you see – and feel.

In spring 2021, the most extensive relaunch in the history of Beiersdorf’s international healthcare brands Hansaplast, Elastoplast, and CURITAS was implemented.

As the lead agency, we developed an intuitive, approachable, and universally understandable design language for the global market leader’s new and improved product portfolio in wound care products. Our work includes a new, unified brand identity and more sustainable packaging for all products worldwide.

Plasters from Hansaplast are an immediate problem solver. They provide visible and tangible protection – instantly, fitting, flexible, perfectly adherent, breathing, aesthetic and, above all, safe. They calm and soothe the moment, mitigate the shock, and help you look ahead again. A deep understanding of human emotions and haptic sensations creates closeness and trust. We focused the entire new brand design on the products’ unique qualities. We wanted to evoke a consistent sense of immediacy by bringing the product and person closer together than ever before, even on the packaging.

Super realistic product presentation

We made the plaster visible and tangible on the packaging in its original size, shape, color, and texture. The photographic images of the plasters already very naturally portray the structure, color, and surface. Micro-embossing in the subsequent embossing process achieves the effect of a highly vivid and realistic product representation. It seems as if the plasters had been glued directly onto the packaging. International market research has shown that the new design features make it easier for people to find the right product for them.

New brand logo – from smirk to smile

Our active lives like to leave small marks on our skin. Every Hansaplast plaster is designed to help provide safe and reliable protection at precisely these moments so that life can move on with a relieved smile on your face. As a visible sign of confidence and optimism, we brought this smile into the new smiling brand logo, which replaced the previous brand image.

New all-round system for immediate use

As everyday helpers, plasters are always in standby mode. When needed, all important information and instructions must be understood clearly and easily. We therefore designed all the essential information in a new, simplified system.