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Transformation FRANK

A lab for the future

With the FRANK Lab, we have developed a new way of future-oriented thinking for the real estate company FRANK. The special feature: Discovering, testing and developing is not tied to a fixed location, but a space that is always and everywhere present.

How do you map future-oriented thinking in the inner world of an organization in order to link it equally to the outside world? How do you shape change within a common framework, share knowledge and think in new creative and collaborative patterns?

These questions arose at the beginning of a comprehensive transformation process at FRANK, a national and family-run real estate company founded in 1925, which today employs over 280 people and creates diverse, innovative and ecologically pioneering living spaces and neighborhoods.

As a forward-looking structural response, the idea was born to provide the newly formed FRANK Development, FRANK Eco and FRANK Services divisions with the innovative FRANK Lab, a unifying element for the development, planning and realization of all projects in the new divisions.

Effective across the board, it brings together ideas and expertise from the entire company in order to use and develop them together. The lab is not a fixed location, but is constantly being created in the form of joint projects or processes. The employees are engaged in a continuous dialog with each other, with collaboration partners, universities, architects and designers, and with the people for whom FRANK plans and develops future-oriented projects.

For FRANK as a lab and center of attraction for the realization of future living formats, the new FRANK brand and the new working environment for the FRANK locations were the first projects to emerge in the lab.