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Feeling transfer

tegut…teo moves in

teo is now also conquering vacant spaces. The first teo-indoor conveys the same, natural teo shopping atmosphere – and is also a strong urban development signal in city centers.

How do you spell contemporary, sustainable, and fast local supply? In three letters: teo. tegut… teo has now been implemented at more than 25 locations. People in urban and rural areas appreciate it as a compact, innovative, and reliable local supplier. And they love it as an uncomplicated, friendly, and warm-hearted neighbour they enjoy having around.

tegut… teo atmosphere and origin of the feeling.

Could this emotional, inviting architectural concept also be transferred to vacant existing spaces in dense urban areas? For quick and easy shopping in highly frequented locations or urban centers? Our client tegut… and we were convinced it would work.

Transfer of an iconic gestalt

The teo concept is based on the Leitmotif of the friendly being that connects with and cares for its environment. teo’s timber architecture is both building and interior design in equal measure. The decisive question was:

How do we transfer the welcoming, warm sense of space of the vaulted interior, which creates a feeling of security and safety, into another type of architecture?

Credit: “Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen”, Maurice Sendak, 1967

What if… teo as a space in the landscape, becomes a landscape in the space? …teo grows into the new spaces? …the timber architecture can always adapt as a result? …teo is a forest in urban space?

Our requirements for the indoor-teo are a combination of various propositions. For example, moving into future locations quickly, without a long transformation phase in advance, should be possible. The social plug-ins on teo’s outer shell are loved and must also function without the building itself. The walk-in cooler, developed especially for teo, has also become integral to the shopping experience, so its adaptation was a high priority.

The challenge of rethinking an existing design raised many other questions. How does the interplay of the harmonious segmentation of the interior work on ever-changing floor plans? How do we transform teo’s innovative, sustainable structure into a system for flexible interior design?

teo’s iconic segmentation was also transferred to the vacant-space-concept. The segments structure and organize the space and the assortment. The forest-like landscape of trunks carries all the necessary teo components: Product carriers, lighting, sensors, etc. The canopy of leaves at the top provides a sense of security and creates a space within a space with the typical teo feeling.

Different applications – one feeling

The result is teo’s indoor brother. With the leitmotif of “landscape in a space”, we further developed the familiar teo interior. The new indoor system stretches out and nestles into ever-new floor plans. In this way, the interior, independent of the room, creates the typical, natural shopping atmosphere of teo.

The appearance of teo-indoor is still characterized by tegut’s orange super ellipse, which now marks the entrance to the shop. In the first teo-indoor, at Aschaffenburg main station, there are even two entrances that allow you to see in and see through. The social plug-ins are selected for each entrance. For the station, we have selected seating and the book exchange shelf – ideal for travellers – and, as a novelty, the coffee and water module for refreshment on-the-go. The water module in the inner entrance area is free to use. Being able to fill up your own drinking containers is a foregone conclusion for the social and sustainable nature of teo.

teo-indoor provides everything so that rooms do not have to be elaborately refurbished. The existing ceiling disappears above the wooden canopy and remains raw and untouched with the visible infrastructure. The CO2-friendly walk-in cooler is also installed in the new teo-indoor and is visible through glass surfaces.

Its modular, systemic construction principle enables a high degree of prefabrication. This means that teo-indoor can move into existing spaces within a very short time. No major structural adjustments to the space are necessary, and a wide variety of floor plans can be used, which makes it easier to find a location.

Innovative urban supply signal

teo-indoor is a further step towards social, sustainable, urban local supply. In times of costly and high-emission reconstructions, or even demolitions of existing properties, teo-indoor shows how converting space for important supply offers can be implemented in a very inviting, resource-saving, flexible, and contemporary way with little effort – an urban development signal.

The 24/7 teo-indoor in Aschaffenburg’s central station opened in July 2022. It has once again become a real eye-catcher. And has now exceeded all our expectations.