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1001 Gewürze brand relaunch

The color of spices

For almost 20 years, the Hamburg-based manufactory “1001 Gewürze” has been producing and selling exceptionally high-quality spice blends. The family business stands for expertise, creativity, passion, and product quality. The new brand and product design focuses on a unique world of color and appreciation through transparency.

Initially, the love for spices was only evident in the cookbooks of founder Bettina Matthaei. Over time, it became clear that her recipes could not be realized satisfactorily with conventional spices. The “dusty powders with artificial flavors” neither embodied the multiple award-winning author’s aspirations nor the dishes’ quality requirements.

To set a new standard for spice blends, mother Bettina Matthaei and daughter Katharina Wilck founded the company “1001 Gewürze” in 2003. Their principle: “Spices develop the peak of their aroma when ground. This is when we experience their maximum effect. It is precisely this moment of delicacy that we want to capture and make available to our customers.”

Since then, the Hamburg-based manufactury has composed, produced, and distributed an extensive range of spice blends with a keen sense for innovation and trends. With the best raw materials freshly ground at short intervals.

Visualizing aromas

Spices have beautiful colours. They have always been an intuitive navigator for people to their properties. Together, they embody a unique color spectrum.

Our natural visual access to the world of aromas formed the basis for the new classification of the product range. A new spice colour palette, which is comprised of the primary colours of 90 spices, serves as the basis. We derived a stripe code from it for each spice composition, which makes its ingredients visible in colour.

The written names of the spices and an “indicator color” for the sleeve and lid provide additional support for quick and easy orientation. Natural aromas and human senses are brought together via a world of color, creating the 1001 spice system.

Many competitors add salt and sugar to their spices. 1001 Gewürze, on the other hand, composes the blends from 100 percent combined spices, which is now visible at first glance.

Enabling sustainability

Together with 1001 Gewürze and material experts, we also rethought the packaging to provide customers with an even more sustainable product experience. The new 1001 Gewürze jar is a refillable container made of compostable natural fiber composites that are durable, food-safe, and environmentally friendly.


Communicating the brand

The previous brand sign, which was heavily dominated by a chili illustration, was homogeneously integrated into the new image as part of the revised packaging design. The result is an informative brand world that brings the art of spice composition to the forefront in a transparent and comprehensible way: to enrich our knowledge of the value of spices, for the creative perfection of every dish, and for 1001 enjoyable moments at the table.