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Rethinking a gas station

Natural flow for a mobility platform

Everything in motion: The ideal architecture for a gas station that adapts to the intuitive behaviour of users.

Stopping at a gas station is always an interruption in the natural flow of traffic. Turning, orienting, driving in, orienting, refueling, orienting, shopping, orienting, paying, orienting. A gas station is a platform for action. During a visit to a gas station, everything is in motion.

In 1:1 lab tests, we closely observed, documented and analyzed all movement and usage processes of gas station customers for the new design of the JET gas station and its entire infrastructure. And all routes, walking routes, service routes and shopping routes were successively transferred into an ideal layout with the help of pretotypes and trials.

The newly developed design is highly functional. Flowing paths and curved shapes welcome drivers, guide them intuitively through the gas station and guarantee a self-evident, natural flow.
It helps customers to navigate the station quickly, act intuitively and meet their needs in a relaxed manner. The gas station is perfectly adapted to the natural flow of movement and usage processes.

Everything in motion: The ideal architecture for a gas station that adapts to the intuitive behavior of its users.

The world’s first adaptive gas station system: The store, roof and fuel islands adapt variably to the ideal approach paths of the users on different property proportions.

New store design

The new store design breaks with the typical container character of conventional gas station buildings. The floor-to-ceiling, radially faceted and slightly inclined windows reduce reflections and improve visibility into the store. Linear wall modules with restructured product groups lean towards the entrance in a slightly staggered pattern; the individual product groups, some in separate product boxes, are visually highlighted in front of dark shelf modules. A high-quality material mix of metal and wood, matt and glossy surfaces supports the quality standards of the product range. This creates the perfect feel-good atmosphere under the sunny yellow store shield running in a wide arc above the product range. It breaks above the new snack area at the window counter, focussing the view of the station making it more of an entertainment program.

“The users led us to the ideal layout for the new gas station architecture.”

Stephan Kremerskothen

Distinctive funnel shape and textile tent roof

The funnel-shaped roof gives the gas station a distinctive appearance. The inviting gesture of the upward-striving, concave roof shape significantly increases the presence and, thanks to the logo applied to the side of the visible roof surface, clearly enhances the long-distance perception.

With its soft, umbrella-like, protective shapes and sunny atmosphere, the new textile tent roof creates a pleasant atmosphere – especially in the dark – and better protection from the rain when refueling.

Worlds first price board with ePaper technology

The clear recognizability of the constantly changing prices on the gas station price displays is often a decisive factor for the spontaneous stop of a customer at the gas station. Especially in urban, highly competitive environments with a dense network of gas stations.

In cooperation with the global market leader E ink, we developed the world’s first and largest price board in ePaper technology. With this technology, we achieve excellent early legibility for the human eye both during the day and at night or in unfavorable weather conditions. With the illumination by a combination of front and rear light, we also ensure optimum day and night visibility of the brand colors blue and yellow. The use of ePaper is highly efficient, saves energy and extends the service life.